NP-View audits meet the needs of industry:

  • Conformity to security standards: NERC CIP-005, ISO 27002, IEC 62443
  • Ergonomics of the cartography
  • Dynamic analysis of all the paths
  • Taking into account the criticality of zones and equipment
  • Improvement of the customer’s security posture

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  • google singli Sec Xn from Seclab: The combination of CyFENCE & Sec-Xn offers an all-in-one security DMZ solution for IT – OT convergence.

A combination that allows:

  • Securing remote access to your industrial systems
  • Secure file transfers
  • Total protocol break with signature control of authorized files

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  • site de rencontre amicale bio Sesame IT’s Jizô with CyPRES: a new solution offering a hardened IT and OT probe for critical networks. This new solution combines pattern-based detection and behavioral analysis. It meets the requirements of customers such as OIV (Operator of Vital Importance).

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  • Keenai / Inetum’s Siem Services: The technology alliance with Inetum is to develop the CyFENCE & SIEM Services offering which provides IT security technologies for IoT systems. It also includes continuous monitoring of cyber risks, with an integrated IT – OT SIEM.

CyFENCE & SIEM Services provides a cybersecurity activity report for CISOs and CIOs, including:

  • Summary – KPI
  • Access
  • Alerts
  • Status of vulnerabilities

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