cherche femme 55 65 ans Strengthen IT – OT collaboration and maintain production: the CyFENCE solution

changeably The CyFENCE functions are resistant to the most common attack techniques; no cyber attacks will impact your industrial site:

  • Exploitation, installation of malicious tools: CyFENCE blocks unauthorized flows
  • Attacker trace removal: CyFENCE detects log removal, restores deleted files
  • Exfiltration of sensitive data from the system: CyFENCE blocks outbound flows, making exfiltration difficult or impossible for the attacker
  • Access to network file shares: CyFENCE analyzes file transfers
  • Lateral movement of the attacker on the network: The attacker cannot rotate from the IT zone to the OT zone: CyFENCE is positioned as a break of the incoming and outgoing links of the system to be protected, thus making a fence ensuring in depth defence.

Protect and strengthen your critical infrastructures with the CyFENCE solution: a protection that meets your challenges by taking into consideration your history, your business and your environment. 

You needs

  • Evaluate the risk of your system
  • Maintain your production without interruption
  • Respect regulatory compliance

Our protection

  • Easy integration of the solution without changing your system
  • Modular according to your needs
  • Consolidated view of your system, for your teams

Which CyFENCE for your critical infrastructure?

CyFENCE Wall : Evolving and modular according to your needs
CyFENCE Box : packaged and ready to use with essential protection services.

Download the data sheet