Our partners

Our expertise and R&D allow us to have strategic partnerships in order to bring you efficient solutions according to your needs. Each technology partner is chosen according to its technical specificities which allow to complete the Cybelius offer, in order to propose you innovative IoT solutions. Technological partners :

  • Inetum: an international group that supports companies in their IT security. Within the cybersecurity division, the teams market and integrate SIEM-type industrial system security management and supervision solutions.
  • Seclab: Solution providers for industrial companies.
  • SesameIT : Specialized in intrusion detection on systems.
  • Network Perception : American company that protects companies by ensuring network access security. Industrial integrator partners :

  • Groupe Fayat : French company in building and public works. The Fayat Group is the world leader in road equipment. To know more about the Fayat Group
  • Armony System : integrator of automation and information systems in various sectors of activity (automotive, food, pharmaceutical…). To find out more about Armony System
  • Clemessy, a brand of Eiffage Energies Systèmes: Clemessy supports all industrial companies in the creation of technical installations, the management of maintenance and repair. Clemessy markets Cybelius solutions in order to provide industrial cybersecurity services. To find out more about Clemessy
  • Calasys: supports industrial companies in the design and maintenance of network data supervision and exploitation systems. To find out more about Calasys

Regional partner :

  • Cymutec: present in the Middle East and Africa, Cymutec’s objective is to accompany industrial customers in its regions to ensure the protection of their infrastructures against global cyber attacks, by proposing Cybelius solutions.

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