Barauli Industrial cybersecurity can only be understood from the perspective of industrial IT.

What makes the Cybelius teams special is the collaboration of control experts with cybersecurity specialists. They develop products and solutions that :

  • Take into account the realities of the professions and cultures,
  • Meet the standards: ISA – IEC 62443, ISO 27k, ANSSI, NERC
  • Are in line with the state of the art and recognized technologies. R&D & Innovation

They allow Cybelius to :

  • Develop, maintain and evolve its own products
  • Registering patents
  • Select proprietary or open technologies adapted to the world of OT
  • Participate in collaborative projects with clients or technology start-ups, particularly in AI (artificial intelligence).

unnaturally Our approach to industrial cybersecurity

It is time to consider cyber security as a security. It is specific, but in the industrial world, the proper functioning is the objective. For example, data, which is largely an essential asset to protect in IT, is no longer the goal in OT: it is subordinate to proper functioning.

Moreover, industrial cybersecurity is a new process in its own right, but one that follows a fairly simple work-flow, on which all the reference systems converge: taking stock of the situation, analyzing the risks, implementing security measures in proportion to the risks, and monitoring and following up on the security. The solutions proposed by Cybelius present this continuity to ensure not only the initialization of the process, but also its effectiveness in security throughout the life of the equipment and the evolutions of the domain.

Our commitments

  • Answer all your questions about industrial cybersecurity
  • Direct you to our experts or qualified partners
  • Dedicate a single point of contact for your project when Cybelius and its partners are involved
  • To be able to provide products, services and advice adapted to your situation
  • To keep you update with the knowledge of the field