rencontrer des filles a tanger Let’s protect your industrial system against tomorrow’s threats.

Consider the security of your industrial facilities with a complete and efficient process :

  • Risk analysis
  • System inventory
  • Multi-level mapping
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • OT – IT separation
  • Securing remote access
  • Authentication and access rights
  • Equipment hardening
  • Non-disruptive traffic acquisition
  • Protocol monitoring
  • Anomaly and intrusion detection
  • Alert generation and SOC / SIEM transmission Your profits

Find out if your industrial system is reliable in the face of future cyberattacks.

Secure the OT to lento szukam faceta neutralize vulnerabilities and make them unworkable. 

React quickly by detecting the first signs of attacks. 

Cybelius works with technology partners to provide you complete solutions, for your specific needs.