Indianapolis From October 10 to 12, Nuremberg welcomes again IT-SA, an annual event for international IT security professionals. Cybelius is part of the French start-ups delegation on the Pavillon France, orchestrated by the Business France agency. A great opportunity for visitors to meet Cybelius, a young innovator and the first French company dedicated to industrial cybersecurity.

IT-SA: a major cybersecurity event in Europe

IT-SA is the only trade fair dedicated to cybersecurity in Germany. With 250 workshops, 489 exhibitors and more than 10,000 professional visitors in 2016 (+ 12% compared to 2015), it is also one of the most important worldwide events. IT-SA is a real platform to interact and share experiences with both German and international security ecosystem. On this occasion, Cybelius will be presenting its solutions on Stand 524 Hall 10 of Business France, a national agency serving the internationalization of the French economy.

Cybelius, the first company dedicated to cybersecurityT-SA: a major cybersecurity event in Europe

Launched in July 2017, Cybelius is the first French company dedicated entirely to industrial cybersecurity. At the crossroads between IT and OT, Cybelius experts develop cybersecurity products for industrial installations and infrastructures. Its range of innovative products and services faces the reality of the industry 4.0 security needs and the Internet of Objects. Its objective is to come up with an ecosystem of solutions to solve any cybersecurity issue. For the 2017 IT-SA edition, Cybelius reveals CyPRES, its cyberattacks detection probe, co-financed by the European Commission and CyFENCE, a secure interface between IT and OT with up to 10 services.

Cybelius aspires to conquer the German market

Cybelius is expanding its business internationally and wants to reinforce its position as a major actor in the industrial cybersecurity on the prosperous German market. The company has already entered this market after selling a solution to a German energy operator for hundred thousand euros. (->read the article here)

The German market is getting involved: a real awareness from the Mittelstand manufacturers who recently faced NotPetya and Wannacry attacks and a true willingness to integrate cybersecurity in the Industry 4.0 strategy (a German initiative). In addition, ANSII and BSI (the German and French national cybersecurity agencies) are working side by side to boost and create synergies between the 2 countries by building a common cybersecurity economy.



CyBELIUS will speak on October 10th at 3.30 pm (blue podium, hall 10) during a workshop on industrial cybersecurity systems. We will share our experience and vision for critical infrastructures’ protection.



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caluire et cuire annonces libertines WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO MEET YOU ALL IN NUREMBERG!


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10 to 12 Octobre 2017 from 9am to 6pm
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Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Karl-Schönleben-Straße, 90471 Nuremberg, Germany
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Hall 10 Stand 524
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