The Evaluation solution is a set of tools for pedately analyzing an industrial system that maps the vulnerabilities of protocol and architecture equipment.  It complies with the standards in the field and prioritizes the cybersecurity risks to be dealt with. Functions

The Evaluation allows to :

  • Risk analysis
  • Equipment inventory
  • Static and dynamic maps
  • Analysis of the segmentation of firewall rules
  • Flow characterization
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Cyber Security Compliance
Majors Features 
  • Initialization or integration into the industrial cybersecurity management process
  • Cross-referencing declarative and technical surveys
  • Combines cybersecurity with functional security
  • EBIOS compatibility and ANSSI standards
Tools used 

CyMAP : mapping tool developed by Cybelius for the visualization of network flows.

NP-View : A tool that identifies and visualizes network configuration problems from switches, firewalls and routers.

Cybelius is a partner and distributor of Network Perception. Read more

Software APERO : internal analysis tool created by Cybelius. Read more. 

Download the file : Evaluation