The current health and economic crises are changing the need for cybersecurity.

  • Attacks are on the increase, including attacks on industrial computing.
  • Distance working remains high, increasing the working surface.
  • The production tool must absolutely work during deconfinement in order to return to a sustainable economic situation; a computer attack would be extremely damaging.

Securing your remote accesses, ensuring the functioning of your industrial IT, optimizing the time of employees dedicated to IT security have become essential issues. Cybelius adapts to this exceptional context. Our objective is to bring you the barrier gestures on your industrial IT systems.

These barrier gestures are :

  • A broadening of cccs citas web remote services offers
  • An optimized deployment of our femme moto rencontre CyFENCE IT containment system
  • A new security monitoring offer where we analyze the information from our “CyPRES” probe to take action before an attack disturbs your installations.

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