sitios para conocer gente en linea Cybelius was founded by….

….by Troutdale SCADA and Esmeraldas control-command experts, in collaboration with cybersecurity specialists. Together they develop products and solutions that :

  • Take into account the realities of businesses and cultures
  • Meet to prescriptive standards
  • Are aligned with the state of the art and recognised technologies.
Kiskőrös Ours products vectors of our solutions
  • The initial evaluation uses our CyMAP software, as well as our APERO risk analysis methodology.
  • Security is ensured by the multi-functional product CyFENCE
  • Real-time monitoring is performed by CyFENCE for system activity, and by CyPRES product for enhanced protection and intrusion detection.
R&D and innovation

They allow Cybelius to :

  • develop, maintain and develop own products.
  • file patents.
  • select proprietary or open technologies adapted to OT world.
  • participate in collaborative projects with clients or technological start-ups, particularly in AI (artificial intelligence).

CyPRES was developed with H2020 funding from the European Commission.
Cybelius is a member of the European CyberSecurity Organisation (ECSO).

Download the file : Cybelius