NP-View is a network security audit software. It creates a map that supports astatic and dynamic analyses of the network configuration. It exports the results directly to a usable report.

  • Automatic establishment of a complete and precise cartography
  • Inventory of machines and access lists
  • Automatic audit of configurations in a rigorous and comprehensive manner
  • Security verification of points of access on the edge of the system
  • Review of authorised ports and services between zones or equipment
  • Analysis of the routes and flows related to the criticality of the zones
Majors features
  • Compliance with security standards :

NERC CIP-005                                                                                                                     ISO 27002                                                                                                                           IEC 62443

  • Mapping ergonomics
  • Dynamic analysis of all paths
  • Consideration of the criticality of zones and equipment
  • Improved positioning of customer security

Cybelius is a partner of Network Perception. Cybelius is a distributor of the NP-View product in France and UK.