Continuous monitoring of OT

Partners for the last year, Gfi, leader in IT security services and solutions and a specialist in 4.0 industry issues, and Cybelius, the leader in industrial cyber security, have been working together to bring a new solution : CyFENCE & SIEM Service.

The objective is to guarantee a real vision to the CIO on their activity in order to better manage the security of their installations.




Gfi and Cybelius solution

The cybersecurity division at Gfi designs, markets and integrates management and supervision solutions for IS security of the SIEM.

The partnership with Cybelius enables these solutions to be extended to the industrial world (OT).

CyFENCE & SIEM Service brings IT security technologies for OT systems, without impacting their operation. It also includes a continuous monitoring of the cyber risks of the industrial tool, at the CIO’s, with an integrated IT SIEM – OT.

First of all, we install the CyFENCE product. It’s positioned to cut off the incoming and outgoing links of the system to be protected, thus creating a fence and ensuring defence in depth.

A team of Cyber Analysts connects to CyFENCE using a secure connection to carry out an analysis and report as the attached example for IT teams.

The criteria taken into account are the quality of protection, trust, simplicity of implementation, relevance to the OT world.



















Cyber security activity report
  • Sumary report – KPI
  • Access
  • Alerts
  • Vulnerability status
The various safety functions supported by CyFENCE
  • Authentication management
  • Control of access paths to areas and equipment
  • Management of all types of remote access
  • Management of automatic or manual updates
  • Creating security records and collecting system logs
  • Backup and restore
  • Protocol breaks on critical exchanges
Majors features
  • Providing visibility to the CIO on the safety of industrial systems
  • Monitoring of compliance with the main reference systems in the ANSSI domain
  • Secure management of IT – OT exchanges and reduction of the attack area
  • Operation report by a cyber analyst to improve the cybersecurity posture
  • Installed to cut off incoming and outgoing communications, and secure an existing system by minimizing impacts
  • Modularity of functions and communications to adapt to existing or new systems
  • Redundant version available for availability needs
  • Thanks to its positioning between IT and OT, “CyFENCE & SIEM Service” allows to extend IT security services to OT (Anti-virus, authentication, logging…).


CyFENCE & SIEM Service