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#1 : DDoS – Amaq, the ISIS press agency targeted

Hackers targeted ISIS News Agency. The digital attack knocked the servers offline. It was claimed by an Iraqi group called Daeshgram. The group had already targeted the agency by spreading false information in order to raise doubt among Daesh militants.

#2 : MOXA devices vulnerable to remote attacks

Hundreds of Moxa devices, similar to those targeted during the Ukrainian power grids hack are vulnerable to remote attacks. The ICS-CERT lists the most critical vulnerabilities that are exploitable. Find all the details in the article.

#3 : SME – misconceptions about cybersecurity

SMEs should move away from the ‘it won’t happen to me’ mind-set because, no matter its size, any business is at risk. Taking action to increase cybersecurity can seem daunting – but with a little time and some expert help, it may be easier than they think.

#4 : CISO vs Senior management – hard communication?

The communication between CISOs and their senior management regarding the ICS cybersecurity is often difficult to initiate. It must be admitted that fighting against security breaches entails huge costs/investment for companies. Where do all these tensions come from? The answers in the article.

#5 : Cyberattack – common mistakes to avoid?

This willingness to ‘go it alone’ rather than working in team, not to consider risk analysis or perpetuate bad habits, so many mistakes that have to be avoided because ultimately, the question is no longer “if” but “when” your ompany will be a cybercrime’s victime.

#6 : North Korea – fall chill malware is targeting the US government

The US government has issued a public statement regarding cyber attacks coming from the North Korean government since 2016. The alert, from the FBI and DHS, includes technical details on these attacks. Attacks that targeted the aerospace, finance and telecommunications industries. Security services say North Korean hackers have used a virus known as “FallChill” to access computer systems and compromise critical infrastructures’ networks.

#7 : USA – attack practice event

NERC is planning its fourth annual scenario, called GridEx IV. Simulated attacks on the North American power grid  offer utilities a chance to know how they would respond to coordinated threats, discover where weaknesses hide and strengthen crisis communication!