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#1 : Cybersecurity – the 2018 major industrial challenge?

ICS Cybersecurity is a real concern for many companies. Executives are often unprepared and unarmed to face this new phenomenon. In addition, the number of ICS vulnerabilities continues to rises inexorably. What measures need to be implemented to tackle the vulnerabilities frequently encountered? Will cybersecurity be the next concern for industrials in 2018?

#2 : London – Heathrow airport security files found dumped in the street!

A USB stick with 76 confidential folders on London’s Heathrow Airport was found on the street in London.

This device represents a real nest of sensitive data and a significant security breach for the first airport in the United Kingdom, with 75 million passengers in 2016.

This event shows us once again the cyber danger that critical infrastructures have to face. No one is safe from a security breach!

#3 : ANSSI is questioning the european text on homologation

Philippe Blot, Head of Products and Services Division at ANSSI, gave an update on homologation for the further European regulation project. The least one can say is that ANSSI’s experts are not in accordance with this European text.

#4 : European Cybersecurity Month is coming to an end!

October, the European month of cybersecurity, comes to an end after a lively awareness campaign in France and Europe. Nowadays, we are all potential targets and therefore all cybersecurity actors!

Find out the testimony of a SME’s CEO who has recently been affected by a ransomware cyberattack. He explains the events and insists on the impact of this attack on his activity before highlighting the good practices and hygyene rules that allowed him to limit the damages !

Once again, bare in mind that digital security is a major concern that requires the commitment of all.

#5 : Merck attributes $300 million loss to NotPetya ransomware attack

FedEx, Maersk, Saint Gobain … it’s time to take stock. Pharmaceutical giant Merck is among those who are starting to quantify their financial losses after the devastating NotPetya episode. Merck has been the worst hit!

The group does not seem to have fully recovered from this attack that appeared early in the summer in Ukraine. Merck expects its financial performance to be further affected.

This cyber attack has clearly strained the business continuity plans of many companies. It will take time to establish the true cost of NotPetya.

#6: ISA – How Much Is Enough Cybersecurity Protection for an Industrial Network?

The number of industrial cyberattacks is steadily increasing and companies are wondering what level of security is needed to prevent such threats? According to ISA, we should quantify the risks!

Would an extended disruption of your process effect profitability, or even worse, safety or the environment? How much is this worth to you and the shareholders? Knowing this number will help overcome the largest challenges to cybersecurity: funding and  implementation.